Civic Awards

banner5In 1969, the Civic Foundation Awards were created to recognize those members of our community who have made significant personal contributions to Northbrook, through service and/or individual achievement. The various awards offered by Civic include:

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Special Service Awards

Given to a member of Civic Foundation for their volunteerism.

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Nominated for outstanding service within their organization

Civic Award

For volunteer service to more than one organization

Foundation Award

For outstanding service to the community

The person(s) who receive these awards each year are those who, over a number of years, have made a difference in our community. Civic looks for those who demonstrate leadership and through their efforts help make their organization or community something special.

The acceptance of the Outstanding Volunteer Award by the community of Northbrook has been overwhelming. Each year we seem to find more worthy candidates that can now be properly recognized.

The criteria for these awards are:
Outstanding accomplishments both within and outside your organization

  • Individual leadership, dedication, and service
  • Selfless and unassuming work behind the scenes
  • Demonstration of willingness to take on any job needed by the organization
  • Participation in activities that help the community