About Us

The Northbrook Civic Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization of your neighbors and friends, who care about the betterment of the Northbrook (Ill.) community. Since 1950, the foundation has given back more than $3.2 million to the community in the form of scholarships college scholarships for students and grants to worthwhile organizations that serve Northbrook. This is your opportunity to help raise funds that give back to the community, enhancing Northbrook as a great place to live and work.

The foundation’s main fundraiser every year is Northbrook Days, a five-day festival held every August. The festival includes a carnival, games, food from local establishments, beer & wine, live music and more.


Civic Foundation membership is open to the general public; the main requirements are that you be a resident of Northbrook and volunteer at Northbrook Days


Members of the Board of Directors are: 

Dan Westel – President

Steve Amberg – Vice President

Rhandi Weinstock – Secretary 

Mike Daly – Treasurer

Leslie Pinto – Director

Mike Furby – Director

Mike Marzigliano – Director

Bruce Brown – Director


The Northbrook Civic Foundation was originally established in 1907 as the Shermerville Improvement Club — referring to the original name of the village of Northbrook. The organization adopted the Northbrook Civic Foundation name in 1925.

Located at 2002 Walters Avenue, just west of the downtown train station, the Northbrook Civic Building has a long history in our community. The foundation constructed the building in 1928 when Northbrook’s population was less than 1,000. The foundation turned building over to the Village of Northbrook to house the village’s first fire station. Over the years, the Village of Northbrook remodeled the building into offices for the Village Hall, Fire Department, Police Department, the Library, and the Courthouse.

In the Fall of 1981, members of the Civic Foundation approached Northbrook village officials in the effort to regain control and use of the Civic Building. The building was restored into an attractive, functional facility, with offices, large community meeting rooms and a kitchen and rededicated in 1986. From this headquarters, the Northbrook Civic Foundation continues to provide active participation and funding to the community to this day.

Community portrait at Northbrook Days in 1925: